Tickets and Playbills.

6 Apr 2014

From reading my blog I'm sure you're all quite aware that I have a profound love for Baking, but what you may not know is that my other love is reserved for the Theatre. So much so that my University Dissertation revolved around the works of Hammerstien and Sondheim - Sondheim being my favourite musical composer of all time.

I couldn't tell you what prompted me to first get into the Theatre, but my parents have always seen shows so they were probably a big influence. As a very sentimental person, I've kept every ticket of every single show I've ever been to, so I can tell you that the first show I saw was His Dark Materials at the National Theatre on the 3rd March 2004. 10 years ago! :O I'm onto my second Ticket Book now, which makes me feel like I have a slight obsession - but hey, everyone's got to have a hobby right! I also have a tradition that I must buy a Program at every show, which as you can see means I have a rather large stack of them now!

Being a Londoner, I obviously have a loyalty to the West End and really do think some of the best Theatre comes out of London. Namely; Billy Elliot, Matilda the Musical and War Horse to name a few.

But obviously, the American stage holds some of my very favourite musicals and I've been lucky enough to see three shows on Broadway! You can definitely see the difference between the West End and Broadway - mainly because of the amount of money spent! Broadway productions are HUGE, and I'm not just talking about the size of the theaters. Just look at The Book of Mormon which cost $11.4 million to make! Crazy money!! Luckily for us a lot of amazing Broadway productions have traveled across the pond, such as; Wicked, Avenue Q and the massive Book of Mormon.

This rambling post all spurned off my sense of elation last night after seeing Urinetown at the St.James Theatre with Craig. I'd bought him the tickets for his Birthday, as seeing shows is a shared passion of ours. The show was AMAZING and hilarious, I want to see it again already and it got me wanting to share my passion with you all.

Do any of you love the Theatre? I'd love to know what you've seen recently! Be it, on/off West End, a limited run or a touring production!

Next on my list to see is: Once, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Book of Mormon (if the tickets ever get any cheaper!) and Miss Saigon. Only a few then...

Lastly, here's a few recommendations! :)

Looking for a good cry? See Les Miserables
Looking for something really witty? See Urinetown. (Closing 3rd May! Run!)
Looking for powerhouse vocals? See Wicked
Looking for Off-West End? See Ushers. (Closing 19th April! Run!)
Looking to marvel at puppetry? See War Horse
Looking to jump out your seat? See The Woman In Black



  1. I love musicals too. They are so good for getting away from everything. I have recently seen the Book of Mormon and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Both are great x

    1. Definitely! :) Ahhh mega jealous of you!!!! Xx

  2. I love the music ! My dream at the minute is I would love to play in a band at a musical ! I think it is just such happy music ! I have never been to the west end and can't even imagine the scale !
    Eb x

    1. I've always thought that must be a wonderful job too! Hard though!! Ahh you must take a trip :) Xxx

  3. Really liked this post! Theatre is amazing. I actually volunteer in our one (it's tiny and only seat 200 people!) so I get to see a lot of shows...
    and OH MY GOD! The Woman In Black was terrifying! I didn't sleep well for 3 weeks after seeing it for fear that the woman was going to come and visit me in my room :o


    1. Oo thats so cool!!! Small theatres are sometimes the best I think :)

      Haha, me neither!!! It scared me far too much for my age!!! Xxx