Review | Fix and Perfect Pro Primer 002

19 Mar 2013

When I'm looking for a primer, I'm looking for a product that can transform my skin into a smooth base to spread my foundation over. I've always had a few niggling skin problems and without a primer my foundation just doesn't like to sit right. The Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer 002 is one such product.

It pretty much does what it says on the tin; Smoothes, Resurfaces, Brightens, Mattifies and Protects. My last primer, the Stila One Step Illuminate (review HERE) was quite a moussy (is that a word?!) texture but this is completely different. It feels like a serum when you first squeeze it out, and after a few applications I've really come to prefer the feel of it. It feels quite thick when you first apply it, but it sinks into the skin really well.

A small splodge (technical term there) of the primer really is enough for your whole face, it spreads really well and leaves your skin feeling really smooth and supple. It ensures that my foundation glides on and most importantly stays put all day. There's nothing worse than catching a glimpse of yourself on the journey home from work and seeing that your foundation has had a mind of its own all day. This primer straps it down to stay for the long haul.

The only downside I can see to the product is just a personal preference as I prefer face products to have a pump dispenser. I hate the fact that with a bottle such as this, you never really use the entire product up. But, aside from that, so far so good and I see no flaws at all! I've been using it every day for at least a month and the bottles shows no sign of running out any time soon. Which at £6.99 I'd say is pretty damn good.

What do you think? Have you tried this primer? Let me know :)


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  1. I used to use this primer but I wasn't really too impressed! I don't think it went well with my skin, it just seemed to make it really oily and leave me looking super shiny all day! It's such a good price though so I was gutted!

    Kerry x

    1. Ahh no! That is sad :( I hate that when you really want it to work and it just doesn't! Gutting indeed! Xx