A Sunday Catch-Up.

27 Jan 2013

Sundays are one of my favourite days; lunch always seems a very long and delicious affair, there's always time to complete to-do lists and with the sun peeking out today it really did feel like Spring was on its way. (I'm dis-regarding the fact that a thunderstorm has started as I type this....)

This week I've been pretty busy, and consequently I haven't posted at all! I have lots of posts in the pipeline, but haven't gotten around to typing them up. I do want to try and post twice a week, so hopefully this won't be too regular an occurrence. :)

So this week was my best friends 22nd Birthday, being limited in cash as I am at the moment I decided to create a 'Home-made treat box' for her to keep on the cheap side! I thought I'd share a few pictures of it and the Birthday cake I made with you now, to tide you over until I've finished writing a beauty related post :)

In the treat box I made Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Powder, Houmous, Button Cookies and Tiny Polaroid Magnets. I did take pictures whilst I was making the magnets and hot chocolate which I'll be writing posts about for the more baking/DIY-minded of you :)

I hope this post gave you some home-made ideas or at least whiled away a few lazy Sunday minutes :) 



  1. What a great idea, am currently struggling to think of something to get my mate for her birthday & i think i might make something homemade :)
    Loving the cake.

    Shauni x

    1. Definitely do it! Homemade gifts are always the best in my eyes :)
      Thank you! :) X

  2. I literally just made a post on "catching-up" with my photos haha. Great minds think alike! Your blog is lovely.


    1. Haha, I think its that time of the month to be a little behind on posts! :) Thank you! X

  3. Although its rare I've always loved the idea of hand made presents,
    I think more thought and effort goes into it :)
    Also that cake looks amazing!

    1. Exactly! Knowing that someone has put time and effort into it is much lovelier :) Thank you so much! :) Xx

  4. such a lovely post, that cake looks beautiful!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  5. Oh my gosh this is adorable! Your blog is so fun

  6. How adorable! This is such a lovely, alternative gift for friends and family. I'll definitely be using this for inspiration :) Love your blog as always xxx

    Jennifer @ http://ivyandgoldxoxo.blogspot.co.uk/